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Please post your prayer requests here. As believers, we stand firm on all of the promises found in God's Holy Word. Jesus said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:19)----It is our honor to AGREE with you in prayer. You may also receive personal prayer ministry on Tuesday evening during our corporate prayer time at the church, or during our Sunday morning service. We are here for you! It is important to realize that these are PUBLIC REQUESTS. Confidential requests should be sent via private, direct email at "contact us" and should state "Confidential Request" in the Subject Line. Once approved by our Prayer Coordinator, your prayer request will be posted to our site.
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Praise Report (Answered Prayers)!
Many Answered Prayers   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) We recently cleared dated posts, but rejoice in the many answered prayers that we have had! Please feel free to post new praise reports at what the Lord has done!
No Cancer   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) My Godmother, Fran Johnson, asked for prayer for cancer that was found in her throat. She was very concerned that the cancer had spread throughout her entire body because she had had a bout with abdominal cancer several years back. In any event, the treatment was 100% successful and a full body scan revealed that "Mom Johnson" (as I refer to her) is completely cancer free! Prayer changes things!
Katie is AWAKE!   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Katie is AWAKE! My cousin Katie is talking to everyone....shes breathing on her own....doesnt reember anything about what happened to her....said one minute she was going in her kitchen to cook something and the nest minute she was waking up in the hospital and didnt know why....but she is doing GREAT....needs prayer for her kidneys...but shes already giving the nurses a hard time and acting like Katie acts....thank the good Lord......and thank all of you for your prayers
alshiemers   (RODNEY HAMMOND) My cousin Carol was given 1 week to live last week from the doctors estimate,but im asking for your help as prayer warriours that she recieve a full recovery,and be made complete and whole from the great ELOHIM are creator! THANK GOD.
thank you for praying   (Deb Ling) I want to thank everyone for praying for my Aunt Judy. Here spirits seem to be doing well. We know that prayers work. PTL
healing prayers   (Deb Ling) Thank everyone that prayed for my friend Bob who was in the hospital and depressed. He is now back home and doing better.
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Kyle Needs Miracle   (Lisa Odisho) Please pray for Kyle. He is the 21 year old friend of my daughter. They went to school together. Kyle is in ICU with his brain swelling and bleeding. He needs an immediate miracle. His mother is pleading for us to put him on every prayer chain and to call out to God on behalf of her son. Please join me in asking the God of all Creation for a miracle for Kyle this day.
Healing For Heather   (Patricia Johnson) A miracle needed for Heather, a 35-year old mother of two young daughters who had breast cancer several years ago and had a double mastectomy and lymph node removal due to the high risk in her family of a recurrence. She has now been diagnosed fast-growing cancerous tumors all over her body and was told by her doctors that she has only a few months to live. Please pray for healing for her body and peace for her and for her husband. Also, please pray that they will have wisdom about what and when to talk with their two young daughters – 4 and 6 – who already know mommy is sick and that she has lost her hair. Let the whole family see the work of the Lord in all of this. Heather believes in the power of prayer and in God’s miraculous healing power.
Bill Rider   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Please pray for Bill Rider, a member of our congregation that is a cancer victor! The treatment left him with a weakened immune system. He was just in the hospital for nearly a week with cellulitis and was re-admitted this morning and is in ICU with pneumonia and other complications. Pray for his complete healing in Jesus' name.
Yvonne's Healing   (Patricia Johnson) The sister of a close friend -- Yvonne, had breast cancer about 10 years ago and had aggressive treatment – surgery and chemo. She was doing fine and thought that she was clear – at least that was what her annual tests indicated, but just before Christmas began having gastrointestinal problems and was diagnosed with colon cancer. She began treatments right away, but the cancer has raged through her body and now has spread to her stomach, kidneys and liver. She and her husband are believers. They have two children – a son and a daughter – both teenagers. Again, please pray for healing, relief from the pain she is having and peace for her family.
Bill and Sandy Rider & Their Daughter Julie   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) For those of you not on our phone prayer chain--we've been praying for Bill & Sandy Rider and their daughter Julie. Julie has been having health issues and needs continual prayer. Bill and Sandy need prayer as well.
Ryan Whitely   (Rosalee Harrison) Prease pray for this young man . He was in a car accident and as of right now he is paralized. I am not sure of all the facts right now but he is a family member. He lives in Springfield Oregon . Also pray for his parents .
Gordon Brown   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Please pray for Gordon Brown. He is being rushed into emergency surgery for an appendicitis. Thank you.
Rita and Virgil   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Hello Dear Prayer Warriors, I have two prayer requests today. Both are of an urgent matter. 1. My cousin, Rita, was rushed into emergency open heart surgery Tuesday morning while on holiday in Chicago visiting her sister. Rita is diabetic and is not healing well after her triple bypass. The condition of her overall health is making her recovery very difficult and she is in tremendous pain. 2. One of the men that attends our church, Virgil White, was attacked at a neighborhood convenience store last night. Several bones in his face have been broken. He will be having reconstructive surgery within the next 24 hours and his wife Lisa has asked for prayer. He is at Mercy San Juan Hospital for those that want to visit. Thank you, Pastor Timothy
Pray Fervently For Katie--My 2nd Cousin   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Please pray for a complete healing and deliverance for my 2nd cousin Katie. I've also posted her picture on my Facebook page. She was found on the floor and rushed to the hospital a couple of days ago. Here is the latest update I received from another of my cousins today on FB: I wanted to give y'all an update on Katie. She has bleeding on the frontal lobe of the outside part of the brain, also some swelling. She's in a coma, Glasgow coma scale of 7. She also has a fever, not responsive to antibiotics. Her kidneys are not working on there own. She getting dialysis, but the kidney specialist is hopeful that her kidneys will start working again. They're taking her for another brain CAT scan today. Please pray that Katie will come out of her coma with no brain damage. Thank you all soooo very much for all the prayers for Katie. You guys are awesome. God bless you all. God is Almighty and nothing impossible with prayer, and faith. Have a blessed and wonderful day:) There is much more. This beautiful young lady has been tormented severely for a few years, recently went missing and has had many related problems. PRAY not only for healing but for deliverance and peace!
Prayer Changes Things   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Hello Dear Prayer Partners, Please pray for me. I am extremely ill. What started as a head cold has progressed into the flu and into a sinus and chest infection. I can only remember being this ill one other time in my life. Hallelujah! By His stripes I am healed. Please come into agreement with me. Thank you, Pastor Timothy Hinkle
12 Year Old Emily With Liver Cancer   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Hello, Sister Marcie asked that we pray for a 12 year old little girl named Emily that has been diagnosed with liver cancer. May the Lord Jesus manifest complete healing in her body.
healing prayer for family and friend   (Deb Ling) Please pray for my son's healing, he just found out he has skin cancer on his eye lid. He has had skin cancer before so please also pray that this is healed never to return. Please also pray for healing for my friend Bob whose health has deteriorated in the last few days. He is depressed and wrote a will this morning. His esophageal abscess has gotten worse.
Helen Berlin's Aunt Joan Stewart   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Helen Berlin asked for prayer for her aunt Joan Stewart, who is an elderly lady that fell and broke her hip. Please pray that it heals and that she can resume a normal life.
Shooting Victim   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Ed Fuller called today to ask for prayer for his nephew Marvin. Many of you may know his brother, Henry who has attended our church whenever he is residing in Sacramento. Marvin and his wife had a disagreement and she shot him in the chest. The bullet passed through his lungs and exited out his back. He is currently in ICU in a Texas hospital in critical condition. He is currently in a coma. Pray for total recovery and for salvation.
Prayer Warriors Needed   (Tamyra Gangwer) Today my sister Star went in to the Dr for a scheduled CAT scan on her abdomen. With family history of large spleens, she felt it was necessary. She did the CAT scan at 9:45am and by 10:30am her Dr had called her with great concern. Her CAT scan revealed a mass in the front wall of her abdomen that was 3cm thick. Please pray that this is not cancerous and that she will be healed by God's gracious hand.
A healing for Kyle   (Lisa Odisho) Two days ago, my friend Tracy's son, Kyle(21yrs.), was beaten so bad on his neck, face, and head that it caused him to have a swollen bleeding brain leaving him comatose. He's in ICU. His medical prognosis is dim. Tracy, Kyle's mother, is a faithful child of God desperate for an abundance of prayer for a complete healing for her son. Thank you and God Bless
Lee Neighbours / Ed Fuller / Walt Gerhardt / Bill Rider / Barbara Curlee   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) As I type this, my mother's brother, My uncle Lee Neighbours, is being wheeled into surgery in Portland, OR. The surgery is to remove the colon cancer found high in his colon. Due to the location of the cancer the surgeon must go in through the stomach, which makes the procedure particularly dangerous. Please pray for both Lee's spiritual state as well as for the success of this procedure. One of our members and our Media Director, Edward Fuller went into the ER yesterday. His glucose levels were nearly 700 and he was totally unaware that he had any sugar problems. Please pray for the medical staff to get his glucose situation under control. Walt Gerhardt, another member of our congregation was transferred from the care home he has been in to the hospital late last night with various concerns. Please pray that brother Walt's condition is stabilized. Bill Rider, another member of our congregation, signed out of the rehabilitation center he was in after come medical complications in order to go home and to see his other doctors for back pain. Please pray that he gets all the medical attention he needs to fully recover. Please continue to pray for Barbara Curlee, another member of our congregation who had back surgery last month. Pray she fully recovers and is able to return to church soon.
Pray for Richard--Heart Issues (literally)   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Please pray for Sister Mary Lou Ledford's grandson, Richard. He had a 2nd heart attack and subsequent surgery and now has an infection.
Minister Paul & Doris Cunningham & Lori Petrie   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Hello, Please pray for IMA Minister Paul Cunningham, who is recovering from a broken hip. Minister Cunningham is 87 years old. He is almost healed from the break but is having some complications 2with mobility, etc. Please pray that he would totally recover with all of his mobility. Please also pray for Doris Cunningham and their daughter, Lori Petrie. These are unspoken requests.
Martha Cluckey   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Please pray for Martha Cluckey, one of our members with "dual citizenship" (she is also attending Trinity Life Center where her sisters and their husbands attend). Last night, she fell and broke her hip. She tripped over an extension cord in her home. She is going into surgery momentarily and the doctors are hoping that pins will hold things; if not, they will have to replace the ball joint. Sister Cluckey is a mighty woman of God and needs our prayer covering right now.
Pray for healing   (Helen) A refrigerator fell on Helen's son Joshua and he is at the ER. Please pray for his complete recovery
Salvation for Loved One(s)
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business not making money    (Virgil White) Pray that I get people calling me so I can make money. Pray for businesses to call.
Prayer request for Ashley   (Helen Berlin) Daughter Ashley attempting to start 'helping' business in this area. Having a very hard time getting started and is meeting with much discouragement.
financial blessing   (jacqueline montgomery) Hello. I jacqueline montgomery writing for prayer. I am praying abundance and prosperity for me and kids and granddaughter. Thanks and. God. Bless
PRAYER REQUEST - DIVINE INTERVENTION FOR THE RELATIONSHIP   (Katarina Djordjevic) Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together! That all weapons formed against our relationship shall not prosper, in the name of Jesus! THAT GOD HELP DEJAN M. TO MAKE DISTANCE FROM PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS! Thank you for all your prayers. May God bless you always! Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia
Josiah   (Josiah White) My son Josiah has problem from talking back. He also needs inner healing from past events.
Comfort In Time Of Loss
Comfort for All   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Our congregation received tragic news this morning. One of the young people, Krystal Sigler, that had recently graduated from high school and moved to begin college was killed here in Sacramento in an automobile accident this morning around 2 am. Her mother, Charolette, Grandmother Barbara, Aunt Cheryl along with her siblings and close network of cousins are all in need of special comfort from the Holy Spirit--as am I. Krystal was a beautiful young lady with a desire to help others. We all will miss her deeply. Please pray for her family, our congregation and me. I am experiencing great sorrow at this time.
prayer for comfort   (Deb Ling) Please pray for my Aunt Judy who just lost her son, my cousin. Please also pray for all the family that was close to Rick and is being affected, that they are comforted in this time.
Pray for wife and family   (Deb Ling) Please pray for my friend Julie who lost her husband Bob this morning, and for his family and friends that loved him. Bob and I went to school together. He will be missed.
5 Families Need Prayer   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) Hello Everyone! Hope you are blessed today. We do have some prayer requests and needs: 1. Bill and Sandy Rider's daughter Julie passed away this week. They still don't have the entire amount needed for her final arrangements. 2. My cousin Theresa passed away Sunday night in her sleep. There are many needs in that family--especially needs of salvation. 3. Sister Marcie Del'Nero's cousin, Ronald Creech passed away October 31st, and his funeral is today at 2 pm at the church. Sister Marcie was very close to Ronnie. Please pray for her. 4. A very close family friend that we have known for over 30 years, Donna Turner passed away this week after a long battle with a mysterious affliction. Her husband, children and grandchildren are needing much prayer. 5. My daughter's supervising teacher for her charter school that we have worked with over the last four years on a weekly basis, Judy, lost her mother this week too. She has asked for prayer. Thank you, Pastor Timothy
In time of mourning   (Rosalee Brigance) Please keep my family in prayer.My brother Ron Ross Had heart surgery and was doing great. Doctor said he he was good to go. He got home on friday and passed away on Monday. He had a blood clot that was undetected. It was a shock to all of our family and some of us are taking it really hard.But I know God had better plans for him.
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Difficult Life Situation
Pray for Katie   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) I received this on FB from my first cousin Susie. Katie is her 24-year old daughter: Kathy Sue May 20 at 12:57am Report Tim please pray for Katie that God will keep her safe......She left in the middle of the night and nobody knows where she is...she didn't even take her phone and she closed her fb...So I don't have a clue what happen to her.....she also left all her meds and they were very strong and to suddenly stop them could cause siezers....Please pray that God will keep her safe ...thanks, love ya.?
Pray for Josh and his Family   (Helen Berlin) Hello, please pray for my son, Josh Berlin, who has been having some difficulty lately. He has been through a lot, with the loss of his home and problems with depression surrounding all of the pressure he is currently under. Pray for God's peace, restoration and provision.
Unspoken   (Pastor Timothy Hinkle) I seldom so this--make an "unspoken" prayer request; however, I know that God knows, and I know that prayer changes things. God is teaching me to go to a new level. Please pray that our Heavenly Father will answer my prayer according to His will. He knows. There are three areas needing prayer--of course, as everything is represented, Body, Soul and Spirit. Each deals with one of these aspects. Please agree with in prayer for the complete victory in these three areas. Blessings, Pastor Timothy
Traveling Mercies
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