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Jan-14-2018 A Father's Love - The Four Spiritual Laws Pastor Timothy J. Hinkle

Pastor Timothy Hinkle shares the Word of Life; his sermon title: 'A Father’s Love' as reads from various scriptures from the King James Version; scriptures include: John 3:16, Song of Solomon 2:4, John 10:10, Jer. 29:11, Rom. 3:23, 1 John 1:8, Rom. 6:23, Romans 5:8, 1 Cor. 15:3-6, John 14:6, John 10:1, John 1:12, Eph. 2:8-9, John 3:18, Rev. 3:20, and 1 Cor. 2:9. You watch the ‘Full Service Video’ of this service by going to (The Audio File is Part 1)
Jan-14-2018 A Father's Love - The Four Spiritual Laws Pastor Timothy J. Hinkle

Audio File - Part 2
Jan-07-2018 For Unto The Lord Evangelist Cleo Thommpson

Evangelist Cleo Thompason shares the Word of Life; his sermon title: 'For Unto The Lord' as reads from various scriptures from the King James Version. Scriptures include: Revelation 3:14-17, Psalm 49:6-7, Ezekiel 37:1-10, and 1 Corinthians 1:18 and 23. You watch the 'Full Video' by going to or the 'Sermon Only' at
Dec-31-2017 Keep It Real Pastor Timothy J. Hinkle

Word Of Life: “Keep It Real” shared by Pastor Timothy J. Hinkle; he shares scriptures from Matthew 26:1-13, Acts 10:1-8 and Acts 10:44-48 all scriptures are from the Tree of Life Version - Also you can watch a video of this 'Full Service Video' by going to - Also watch our other 'Full Service Videos' by searching VTFWC in the YouTube Search Bar.
Apr-28-2013 I am Doing a Great Work Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Apr-25-2013 Don't let the Devil Change Your Name Pastor Tim Stewart

IMA Conference.. Evangelist Jerry Van Ronk speacks before Pastor Tim Stewart
Apr-24-2013 IMA Conference Pastor Paul Smith

The word is brought by Evangelist David Dodson
Apr-21-2013 Praise & Worship with The Upper Room Dave & Emliy Yost ( The Upper Room )

Apr-14-2013 Pray and Praise to a Forgiving God Pastor Johnny Watts

Apr-07-2013 What is Required Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Mar-31-2013 Jesus Has Risen Pastor Roy Brown

Sunrise Service
Mar-31-2013 The Cups of Christ - The Mystery Revealed Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Mar-29-2013 The Seven Last Words Of Christ From The Cross Pastor Roy Brown

Mar-24-2013 Hosanna! Maranatha! Hallelujah! Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Mar-15-2013 What Kind of House Are You Apostle Peggy Hall

Mar-10-2013 A Great Fish Swallows Jonah Pastor Johnny Watts

Mar-03-2013 Givings God's Way Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Feb-24-2013 Thy Word Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Feb-17-2013 Incontext Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Feb-10-2013 A Call To Turn To The Lord Pastor Johnny Watts

Feb-03-2013 God's Raven's and 49 er's Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jan-27-2013 Forgiveness and Restoration for Repentance Pastor Johnny Watts

Jan-20-2013 An Inheritance is a Terrible Thing to Waste Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jan-13-2013 Blessings Pastor Matt Daniel

Jan-06-2013 Renewal Fact or Fiction Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Dec-30-2012 Trust and Obey Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Dec-16-2012 Touched by The Fire Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Dec-09-2012 Gates of The City Pastor JohnnyWatts

Nov-25-2012 Hearing The Holy Spirit (Through) GOD's Word Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Nov-18-2012 Of Course We Are Going To Teach About Thanks Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Nov-11-2012 The Glory of The Lord Fills The Temple Pastor JohnnyWatts

Nov-04-2012 My Calm - Your Storm Pastor Brent Paige

Oct-28-2012 Kingdom Principles Part 2 Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Oct-21-2012 Live / Dry Bones Pastor JohnnyWatts

Oct-14-2012 Kingdom Principles Part 1 Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Sep-30-2012 The Miracles Of Jesus In The Book Of Matthew Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Sep-16-2012 Ezekiel's Duty A Watchman Pastor JohnnyWatts

Sep-09-2012 Consecration Bring New Beginning Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Aug-26-2012 Our Teacher Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Aug-19-2012 Receiving Something More Than Alms Pastor Caroline McNorton

Aug-12-2012 The Unquenchable Forest Fire Pastor JohnnyWatts

Aug-05-2012 In His Presence ( Revised ) Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jul-15-2012 The Soul That Sins Shall Die Pastor Johnny Watts

Jul-01-2012 The Battle isthe LORD's Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jun-24-2012 Bless the LORD and Forget Not All of His Benefits Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jun-17-2012 Our Father Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Jun-10-2012 Eagle and a Vine Pastor Johnny Watts

Jun-03-2012 Freedom Pastor Timothy Hinkle

May-27-2012 Forgiveness Pastor Timothy Hinkle

May-20-2012 Unused Vine Pastor Johnny Watts

May-13-2012 GOD's Perfect Plan , Mothers Pastor Fonda Hinkle

May-06-2012 A Promise of GOD Pastor Keith Willams

Apr-29-2012 Missions Update Pastor Ray Young

Pastor Ray Young and his wife Barbara Young talk about Mission work they have done
Apr-29-2012 My Glory and the Lifter of Mine Head Pastor Timothy Hinkle

Apr-27-2012 I.M.A Western Conference Mission Service Pastor Bill Wilson

Pastor Robert Garica , Pastor Fonda Hinkle , Minister Sheena Zornes .. They all talk about Missions Work
Apr-27-2012 Church Consulting And Coaching Pastor Jane Smith

Apr-27-2012 Come Holy Spirit Pastor Ron Roberson

Apr-27-2012 Communications and Meida Pastor Paul Smith

Panel Discussion
Apr-27-2012 Honor Pastor Paul Smith

Worship was done by Higher Ground Church / Pastor Paul Smith Honors Pastor Bill Wilson for 30 years of Service
Apr-26-2012 How to have a move of the Holy Spirit Pastor Bill Wilson

Apr-26-2012 Come Holy Spirit Pastor Howard Post / Pastor Paul Smith

I.M.A Western Conference Pastor Howard Post Presenting the Gospel / Pastor Paul Smith Relationship Evangelism
Apr-26-2012 Time Management Pastor Ron Roberson

I.M.A Western Conference Day 2 Afternoon
Apr-26-2012 Come Holy Spirit Pastor Paul Smith

I.M.A Western Conference Day 2 Night Worship Done By True Life Ministries Choir
Apr-26-2012 What's in Your House Pastor Jason Sample

Apr-25-2012 I.M.A Western Conference Opening Pastor Timothy Hinkle

I.M.A Western Conference Day 1 / V.T.F.W.C Choir / J'on & The Voices
Apr-25-2012 Rope Holders Pastor Bill Wilson

I.M.A Western Conference Day 1
Apr-22-2012 If I Can Just Touch The Hem Of His Garment Pastor Caroline McNorton

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